[MMO Android] How to set Event “OnClick” on button object!

open android project 2

Today, I will guide you how to start the event “OnClick” on the object. if you dont understand basic Android Studio please read here: http://codertutorial.com/build-first-app-android-studio-hello-word/ Now. create your project and open activity_main.xml (this is layout file.) If notice “Rendering Problems” don’t worry. click App Theme > Chosse you want (example: Platform.AppCombat).  Ok, Process design an […]

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[MMO Android] Basic Android Development


First you need sure set-up android development in your computer. please check it. If not installed, you should read from here! http://codertutorial.com/guide-install-android-studio-on-windows/ Now, we tell you basic of Android Studio & Android program. A screen of Android is managed by two files 1, .XML file (is layout file) 2, .JAVA file (is code file) You have how many layout (.xml) ,you will […]

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[MMO Android] How to install Android Studio


This article we will guide you to install Android Studio to create an Android software on your Windows PC.  Now! First you need download Android Studio And Java JDK download android studio DOWNLOAD ANDROID STUDIO and download jdk DOWNLOAD JAVA JDK After download done. install JAVA JDK and set JAVA_HOME Right click to Computer > […]

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